The Staff Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery can assist you in all your at-need and pre-need arrangements.

• Staff will show you around our grounds and help in the selection of a plot or niche.
• Plots available for Upright Markers, Flat Markers, both Single and Double.
• We have both In-ground cremation plots plus above-ground niche areas available. 
• Prices are listed below and broken down into:
     – Plot, Endowment,
     – Single or Double Crypt,
     – Opening and Closing Costs depending on the plot location.

All prices include state and local taxes.

By state law the Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery cannot sell markers.
Please contact your Funeral Director or Monument Company for marker information.

Fees Approved by the Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery Board of Trustees Effective March 1, 2022 and subject to change without notice.

Payment types accepted: Check, Cash, Money Order, Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express

Containers, ie. crypt, (single or double), urn vaults, bronze niche urn and niche vases cannot be paid in advance of the time of need.

Pricing Schedule

Prices and availability subject to change – Please contact us for current information


Single Flat Area

Plot $1,300.00
Endowment $400.00
Single Crypt $875.78
Open/Close $800.00

Total $3,375.78


Single/Upright Area

Plot $1,700.00
Endowment $500.00
Single Crypt $875.78
Open/Close $800.00

Total $3,875.78


Double/Flat Area

Plot $1,300.00
Endowment $400.00
Double Crypt $1,751.56
Open/Close $900.00 1st $800.00 2nd 

Total $5,151.56


Double/Upright Area

Plot $1,700.00
Endowment $500.00
Double Crypt $1,751.56
Open/Close $900.00 1st $800.00 2nd

Total $5,651.56


Cremation Plots

Plot $1100.00
Endowment $300
Standard Urn Vault $212.19
Open/Close $300.00.

Total $1,912.19


Niche III Area Single

Niche $1,100.00                            CURRENTLY SOLD OUT
Endowment $250.00                     CHECK IF QUITCLAIM IS AVAILABLE
Bronze Urn $127.72
Open/Close $100.00.

Niche Vase (Optional)  $74.06

Total $1,577.72


Niche III Area Double 

Niche $1500.00
Endowment $250.00
Two Bronze Urns 255.44
Two Open/Close $200.00.

Niche Vase (Optional)   $74.06



Total $2,205.44


Niche IV Area
Single /Double



Niche Row A  Single $1,200.00   Double $1,700
Niche Row B  Single $1,400.00   Double $1,900
Niche Row C  Single $1,600.00   Double $2,100
Niche Rows D & E  Single $1,800.00   Double $2,300

Endowment $250.00
Bronze Urn Single $127.72, Double $255.44
Open/Close Single $100, Double $200.00.

Single Rows
A- $1,677.72, B- $1,877.72, C- $2,077.72, D&E-  $2,277.72
Double Rows
A- $2,405.44, B- $2,605.44, C- $2,805.44, D&E-  $3,005.44

Total – See totals on left

We also offer the Titan Water Protective Crypt and Water Protective Urn Vaults. 

The Single Water Protective Titan – $1,478.30

Doric Urn Vaults – $580.08

Non-Resident Fee – $400.00 cremation burial – $600.00 casket burial