Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery invites you to visit our beautiful grounds during our hours of operation.

The cemetery grounds are open for visitation every day of the year from around 8 am to dusk. Our staff are on the grounds from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except on State and Federal holidays. On days with excessive heat, the office may close at 3:30 pm.

Our staff can help you with inquiries of grave site location of a loved one or friend.

The Board of Trustees and staff thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep the cemetery safe and preserve its beauty.


Floral / Decorations Removal Policy

• All holiday flowers including but not limited to Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be removed from the grounds beginning the third week of January. We no longer save holiday items for retrieval. 
• Please remember that ONLY flowers in vases that are part of the grave marker are allowed on the grounds. We are forgiving of unauthorized decorations during the Christmas season but reserve the right to remove any decoration without notice.




Our staff is here to assist you – whether you’re looking for a specific grave site or dealing with making arrangements for a loved one. Please call or use our contact form to make an appointment or to get information.

We have plots for Upright Markers, Flat Markers, both Single and Double depth burial. We have both In-ground cremation plots and Above-ground Niche areas available. 


When visiting our grounds, please observe all rules and regulations for the mutual protection of all visitors to Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery. 



   Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery

   (707) 448-7206

   522 Elmira Road       Vacaville, CA  95687


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