Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery

Serving the community since 1852

Originally the Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery was known as Hawkins Place. It began as a private family cemetery on Arculus Hawkins Ranch. The earliest burials were of six Native Americans who worked for him. This is the result of a typhoid epidemic in 1852, so there may have been other burials. Over time, family members and neighbors were placed there. Gold miners and travelers passing through the area were not always healthy, those who died were buried in the nearest place available while the rest of the family or friends journeyed on.

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The Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery invites you to visit our beautiful grounds during our hours of operation. The cemetery is open every day of the year from around 8 am to dusk. Our staff is on site from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday, except on State and Federal holidays. The staff can help you with inquiries and grave site location of a loved one or friend.

Most people visiting our cemetery are coming to visit deceased loved ones. Please allow them their solitude and privacy.




Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery Board of Trustees

The Cemetery Board of Trustees are appointed by the Solano County District 4th and 5th Supervisors.

The current serving board of Trustees are:
    • Chairman, H Lee Tedder
    • Vice-Chairman, Ronald Rushford
    • Secretary, Melanie Richardson 
    • Trustee, Wendy Wigmore-Jackson
    • Trustee, Milton Steck

Visiting Us

Please review our Visiting Us Page for a few basic rules we ask that you follow while on the property.

Because we work hard at maintaining the cemetery, we ask that you provide only authorized decorations and follow the guidelines and restrictions outlined on our Visiting Us Page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Visitors, guests and family have many questions about cemetery operations, what things mean and services provided.

We’ve provided a straight forward FAQ page that will answer many of your questions. Please feel free to contact us with additional concerns or questions.

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VECD Policy, Rules & Regulations

California laws govern cemeteries. The bulk of regulations is contained in the Business and Professional Codes plus the Health and Safety Codes as detailed in the Cemetery Act.

Rules and Regulations are designed for the mutual protection of the owners
of interment rights within the Cemetery.

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